A Year in Hindi Movies 1933


1933 A Year in Hindi Talikes

A total of 75 movies were made. The ones memorable for one
reason or another are listed below:

Aab-e-Hayat - K. C. Dey's first as a music director.

Aawaaraa Shaahzaadaa - The first movie to have a double role.
Shahu Modak played both "Rajkumar" and "Bholaram".
Tabla was played by Ahmed Jan Thirakawa.

Chaar Darvesh - Kanan Devi's first talkie. She was given
Dadasahib Phalke award in 1976.

Id Ka Chand - The first movie for Sardar Akhtar, wife
of Mehboob.

Karma - The first to have an English song,"Now the moon her
light has shed", sung by Devika Rani, who got the first
ever Phalke in 1969 and this waw also the first movie
jointly produced by India and another country,
England in this case.

King For A Day - Akhtari Faizabadi (Beghum Akhtar) sang many
songs, including, "Wo asire-dame-bala hun jise chain
tak bhi na aa sake".

Mirza Sahiban - The first talkie based on the famous story,
Bachu was Mirza and Noorjahan (the older one, not
the other one who was "Baby" Noorjahan at this time).

Pooran Bhagat - Director Debaki Bose's first Hindi film. Had famous
K. C. Dey numbers like, "Kya karan hai ab rone ka" and
"Jawo jawo ai mere sadhu". This was music director
R. C. Boral's first hit Hindi movie. One day, another
music director, Harishchandra Bali, told Boral about
a young man, a typewriting machine salesman at Rs. 80/-
a month, who wanted to act in the movies. So Boral fixed
a date to "test" him. In the meantime he heard a young man
singing near a cigarette stall, but could not contact him.
Next day, Bali brought his typewriter salesman. Boral was
surprised to see that it was the singer he heard the
previous day. The whole world knows the young guy, who
was hired in the New Theaters Company at Rs. 200/-
per month, as Saigal. Boral got the Phalke in 1978.
Saigal did not really act in this movie. He came on
the stage, sang four songs, "Bhajun main to bhav",
"Din neeke beete jat hain", "Awsar beeto", "Radhe rani
de daro" while they filmed him.

Sairandhari - The first color film which was developed in
India, but the prints were made abroad.

Yahudi Ki Ladaki - First for Pankaj Mullick. Saigal acted and
sang, "Nuktachin hai", "Lag gayi chot", "Lakh sahi ab
pi ki", "Ye tasarruf alla alla".

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Surjit Singh, a movie fan period.

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