Film & Film-Related Gleanings from the
Archives of Indian Express, Madras Edition
(Courtesy : Indian Express & Google.com)

Newspaper clippings compiled specifically for Prof Surjit Singh's website when a large number of film,
gramophone record and radio programme - related advertisements, news, views, still photos, from the vintage era,
became available during the process of the memorabilia search conducted for posting on
www.kundanlalsaigal.com , www.pankajmullick.com and www.krishnachandradey.com
(maintained by mv.surender@yahoo.com).
DISCLAIMER : This offering is a result of research into the history and evolution of Indian films and music and is intended purely for the purpose of non-commercial use for education, research and documentation.
All copy rights rest with Indian Express and Google.

Click on the relevant cell to access newspaper image clippings for the month.
(Cells marked by text in red denote non-availability of any Editions / newspaper clippings of Indian Express / for the whole of the month)
Month\Year 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947
January Jan'33 Jan'34 Jan'35 Jan'36 Jan'37 Jan'38 Jan'39 Jan'40 Jan'41 Jan'42 Jan'43 Jan'44 Jan'45 Jan'46 Jan'47
February Feb'33 Feb'34 Feb'35 Feb'36 Feb'37 Feb'38 Feb'39 Feb'40 Feb'41 Feb'42 Feb'43 Feb'44 Feb'45 Feb'46 Feb'47
March Mar'33 Mar'34 Mar'35 Mar'36 Mar'37 Mar'38 Mar'39 Mar'40 Mar'41 Mar'42 Mar'43 Mar'44 Mar'45 Mar'46 Mar'47
April Apr'33 Apr'34 Apr'35 Apr'36 Apr'37 Apr'38 Apr'39 Apr'40 Apr'41 Apr'42 Apr'43 Apr'44 Apr'45 Apr'46 Apr'47
May May'33 May'34 May'35 May'36 May'37 May'38 May'39 May'40 May'41 May'42 May'43 May'44 May'45 May'46 May'47
June Jun'33 Jun'34 Jun'35 Jun'36 Jun'37 Jun'38 Jun'39 Jun'40 Jun'41 Jun'42 Jun'43 Jun'44 Jun'45 Jun'46 Jun'47
July Jul'33 Jul'34 Jul'35 Jul'36 Jul'37 Jul'38 Jul'39 Jul'40 Jul'41 Jul'42 Jul'43 Jul'44 Jul'45 Jul'46 Jul'47
August Aug'33 Aug'34 Aug'35 Aug'36 Aug'37 Aug'38 Aug'39 Aug'40 Aug'41 Aug'42 Aug'43 Aug'44 Aug'45 Aug'46 Aug'47
September Sep'33 Sep'34 Sep'35 Sep'36 Sep'37 Sep'38 Sep'39 Sep'40 Sep'41 Sep'42 Sep'43 Sep'44 Sep'45 Sep'46 Sep'47
October Oct'33 Oct'34 Oct'35 Oct'36 Oct'37 Oct'38 Oct'39 Oct'40 Oct'41 Oct'42 Oct'43 Oct'44 Oct'45 Oct'46 Oct'47
November Nov'33 Nov'34 Nov'35 Nov'36 Nov'37 Nov'38 Nov'39 Nov'40 Nov'41 Nov'42
Nov'43 Nov'44 Nov'45 Nov'46 Nov'47
December Dec'33 Dec'34 Dec'35 Dec'36 Dec'37 Dec'38 Dec'39 Dec'40 Dec'41 Dec'42 Dec'43 Dec'44 Dec'45 Dec'46 Dec'47
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