Songs from Late Mr. Hem Chandra Jain Collection (Cleaned by Abhay)

Listen to Chitralekha41-Jaaga Kirno Wala.mp3

Listen to Chitralekha41-Joban Ki Bagiya Mehki Mehki.mp3

Listen to Chitralekha41-Naiyya Dheere Dheere Jana.mp3

Listen to Chitralekha41-Neel Kamal Muskaye.mp3

Listen to Chitralekha41-Rut Aaye Rut Jaaye (part 1).mp3

Listen to Chitralekha41-Rut Aaye Rut Jaaye (part 2).mp3

Listen to Chitralekha41-Saiyyan Sanware Bhaye Bawre.mp3

Listen to Chitralekha41-Tum Jao Jao Bhagwan Bane.mp3

Listen to Churiiyan42-Mele Mein Bichchhoo.mp3

Listen to Churiyan42-O Jane Wale Tune.mp3

Listen to Churiyan42-Sapne Salone..Mele Mein Bichchhoo.mp3

Listen to Dak Bangla47-Ghir Ghir Aaye Badal Kare.mp3

Listen to Darshan41-Bol Re Saheli.mp3

Listen to Darshan41-Jin Naynan Neer Samaye.mp3

Listen to Darshan41-Koi Kab Tak Rahe Akela.mp3

Listen to Darshan41-Main Kunjan Mein Phoolan Mein Aayi Re.mp3

Listen to Darshan41-Main Pee Darshan Ki Pyasi Re.mp3

Listen to Darshan41-Man Ki Kothariya Mein Aao.mp3

Listen to Darshan41-Panchhi 2 Ud Ja-3.mp3

Listen to Darshan41-Pardesi Babu Aate Jaate Rahna.mp3

Listen to Darshan41-Sajan Tum Nikle Bedardi.mp3

Listen to Dekhoji47-Balam Mohe La De.mp3

Listen to Dekhoji47-Jhumka Gira Re.mp3

Listen to Devdasi45-Hari Ke Naam Bina Re.mp3

Listen to Devdasi45-Roye Hum Charno Pe Bhagwan.mp3

Listen to Devdasi45-Tota Bola More Kanha.mp3

Listen to Dhartimata1938-Ab Main Kaah Karoon Kit Jaoon.mp3

Listen to Diamond Queen40-Dukh Ki Katha Hai Duniya Sari.mp3

Listen to Diamond Queen40-Jeevan Hai Ek Jaam.mp3

Listen to Diamond Queen40-Karye Kasrat Ka Prachar.mp3

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