Kundan Lal Saigal (1904-1947)
The great Indian singing film star of the 1930s and 1940s
(This Site is based almost entirely on resources made freely available on the Internet :
Intended to be a comprehensive resource centre for research and documentation of K.L. Saigal songs)
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A Part of Open Internet Project for Documentation of Songs rendered by The Immortal Musical Trio : K.C. Dey, K.L. Saigal & Pankaj Mullick
The Latest Report Card :
Score Board: Total no. of audio files posted : 290
As per the universally accepted list compiled in a collaborative effort by eminent filmography researchers Har Mandir Singh 'Hamraaz' & Harish Raghuwanshi and published in the "Jab Dil Hi Toot Gaya" Compendium on KL Saigal, 2004, K.L. Saigal rendered and recorded 185 songs, the bulk of them on 78rpm disc and some which were available only on the sound track of film. Of these, only 170 were considered to be available, with the rest being more or less lost to posterity.
The target for many a Saigal 'fan' was to some day accomplish the task of collecting all the 170 songs. Thanks to the power of information technology and the Internet, music lovers and collectors came together on the common platform provided by this website. Late Hem Chandra Jain, the Agra-based music lover and collector became the self-appointed 'Mentor' for the website and insisted that the target of collecting 170 songs be taken up in all seriousness.

Help poured in from across the globe. Out of 185 songs recorded by K.L. Saigal, 170 came to be posted on the website and thus into the public domain for the very first time. This was followed by the addition of 2 more songs with discovery of two more Bengali songs which were available only on the sound track of film Jiban Maran (1939). Further additions are unlikely to be made unless some of the lost films are either found or unearthed.

As many as 290 audio files are now being presented on the website as a result of sound track and other songs which were collected over the last few years. These include : Additional Sound Track version of 4 Saigal songs which were not issued on any other media. 10 Stereo version songs which were synthesised using Saigal's original vocal recording on 78rpm disc, mixed with fresh instrumental music and issued on micro-groove Polydor LP.

The Bottom Line: Song audio files posted - 172, 2 more than the target of 170
+ Bonus Sound Track Version Songs: 44; ‘OnlyOnSTrack’ Songs: 17; Additional STrack Songs: 24
& additional 22 audio files for related songs and 'version' songs rendered by other singers.

Click to view : Revised K.L. Saigal Master File & Help fill up the gaps
Appeal to music lovers and gramophone record collectors to contribute audio / video files, record label images and associated memorabilia. Please participate in this ambitious public research and documentation effort and write to mv.surender@yahoo.com with any possible leads which can help archive and preserve the endangered legacy of the 'Golden Voice' of this 'Natural Singer'.
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[Agra-based music lover & collector Late Hem Chandra Jain was the 'self-appointed' Mentor for this project, during his lifetime.]
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