Pankaj Kumar Mullick (1905-1978)
The Great Indian Singer, Composer, Teacher, Broadcaster & Actor of 1930s & 1940s
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Score Board: Total no. of audio files - Bengali 144 ; Hindi 119 ; Total 263

Audio files for 130 of the 178 songs listed and published in 'Guzar Gaya Vo Zamana' (GGVZ), in Hindi & Gujarati, Compiled & edited by Nirupama and Ajit Sheth, have been collected and posted on this website. Audio files are available for 43 of the 57 songs not covered by GGVZ, which have been added to the Pankaj Mullick discography. As many as 39 sound track versions of songs published on disc as well as additional 36 sound track songs have also been added.

Audio files are available for all the Hindi film songs listed in GGVZ as well as 14 others which are not covered. In addition, 33 songs from the sound track of films and 2 'live' concert songs have been posted on this website. Similarly, audio files are also available for all the Hindi non-film songs (15) listed in the GGVZ. While almost all Bengali film and some of the non-film songs have been posted, the disc version of most Sanskrit compositions are still wanting.

Pankaj Mullick is the only singer among 'The Immortal Musical Trio' of K.C. Dey, K.L. Saigal & Pankaj Mullick, who appears to have recorded a large number of songs which were not released on 78rpm disc or other media. As many as 15 'live' concert songs are available and have been posted on this website. 'Fans' have reason to look forward to unpublished recordings being issued commercially by Pankaj Mullick Music and Art Foundation (

In the case of K.C. Dey discography, exhaustive details are available, from primary recording studio records. Due to continued interest in K.L. Saigal songs, discography details have come to be compiled and are available. However, in the case of Pankaj Mullick, it is the paucity of complete discography details, including 78rpm gramophone disc labels and matrix numbers which is a major shortcoming of this research and documentation effort.

The Bottom Line: Audio files for 'disc' songs posted - 173 out of 235 listed
A beginning has been made to build a credible discography, supported by disc label images

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Appeal to music lovers and gramophone record collectors to contribute audio files, record label images and associated memorabilia. Please participate in this ambitious public research and documentation effort and write to with any possible leads which can help archive and preserve the endangered legacy of the 'Blind Singer'.
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