Dr. Bharat Upadhyay: Music lover and Collector

When I was at  TIFR, there used to be a listeing session at lunchtime. It was in alecture room. Lights were dimmed and songs from records were played. My friends and I borrowed the records and transferred the songs to audio tape to listen to on our rickety tape recorders! Dr. Upadhyay was the presenter of that program.

Bharat U

He  is a Qualified Sound Engineer and was in the film industry for a brief period. He joined Tata Institute of Fundamental Research  as the Head of the Photography Section, as photography was his hobby. He worked there for 40 years, till his retirement.
After that he was in USA for 15 years working in the field of photography and video editing. He is one of those lucky persons whose avocation became his vocation and vocation became an avocation. Now doubly retired, his entire time is spent on Music, Music and Music.

He is a known collector of a huge collection of old film music (up to 1970s only), Vocal and Instrumental Classical music and the entire Gazals genre. He has given several programs about old film songs and quizzes on the radio as well as private organizations in Houston, TX.

In Mumbai he gives such programs at 'Sargam', where members of similar taste in music gather about three to four times in a month.

Here is one such program

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