Songs from Roberto Collection Continued 33: Early Records 20

Listen to 08_Broadcast_label_recordings_1933-38_01 - GT4017a Kesarbai Kerkar Gauri - GT4017a Kesarbai Kerkar Gauri.mp3

Listen to 08_Broadcast_label_recordings_1933-38_02 - BB2053b Gulab Bai Bhimpalas - BB2053b Gulab Bai Bhimpalas.mp3

Listen to 08_Broadcast_label_recordings_1933-38_03 - R4039b Rasoolanbai Multani - R4039b Rasoolanbai Multani.mp3

Listen to 08_Broadcast_label_recordings_1933-38_04 - BT2098b Sharif Khan Yaman Kalyan - BT2098b Sharif Khan Yaman Kalyan.mp3

Listen to 08_Broadcast_label_recordings_1933-38_05 - BN2209b Nathu Bua Puriya Tarana - BN2209b Nathu Bua Puriya Tarana.mp3

Listen to 08_Broadcast_label_recordings_1933-38_06 - R4047b Shankarabai Purvi - R4047b Shankarabai Purvi.mp3

Listen to 08_Broadcast_label_recordings_1933-38_07 - Y2136b Mansur Khambavati - Y2136b Mansur Khambavati.mp3

Listen to 08_Broadcast_label_recordings_1933-38_08 - B2163a Saraswati Phatarphekar Chayanat - B2163a Saraswati Phatarphekar Chayanat.mp3

Listen to 08_Broadcast_label_recordings_1933-38_09 - B2197b Balabai Kale Tarana - B2197b Balabai Kale Tarana.mp3

Listen to 08_Broadcast_label_recordings_1933-38_10 - R4010a Master Krishnarao Bageshri - R4010a Master Krishnarao Bageshri.mp3

Listen to 08_Broadcast_label_recordings_1933-38_11 - B2178a Krishnarao Tendulkar Hamir - B2178a Krishnarao Tendulkar Hamir.mp3

Listen to 08_Broadcast_label_recordings_1933-38_12 - B2141b Shanti Lal Shankara - B2141b Shanti Lal Shankara.mp3

Listen to 08_Broadcast_label_recordings_1933-38_13 - B2137b Chota Ramdas Sohni - B2137b Chota Ramdas Sohni.mp3

Listen to 08_Broadcast_label_recordings_1933-38_14 - B2038a Ragrani Durgabai Jogiya - B2038a Ragrani Durgabai Jogiya.mp3

Listen to 08_Broadcast_label_recordings_1933-38_15 - B2368B Siddeshwaribai Bhajan - B2368B Siddeshwaribai Bhajan.mp3

Listen to 08_Broadcast_label_recordings_1933-38_16 - B2050b Balram Singh Bhairavi Bhajan - B2050b Balram Singh Bhairavi Bhajan.mp3

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