Songs from Narsingh Collection 30

Listen to 1950_Arzoo 1950_1016_10 Title music_Anil Biswas.mp3

Listen to 1950_Arzoo 1950_116_01 Aye dil mujhe aise jagah le chal_Talat.mp3

Listen to 1950_Arzoo 1950_216_02 Aankhon se door ja ke_Lata.mp3

Listen to 1950_Arzoo 1950_316_03 Kahan tak hum uthaye gham_Lata.mp3

Listen to 1950_Arzoo 1950_416_04 Mera naram karejwa dol gaya_Lata.mp3

Listen to 1950_Arzoo 1950_516_05 Mila gaye nain_Sudha Malhotra.mp3

Listen to 1950_Arzoo 1950_616_06 Aayi bahar aayi bahar_Lata chorus.mp3

Listen to 1950_Arzoo 1950_716_07 Hamen maar chale ye khyal ye gham_Anil Biswas.mp3

Listen to 1950_Arzoo 1950_816_08 Jao sidharo he radha ke shyam_Mukesh- SD Batish- Shamshad- chorus.mp3

Listen to 1950_Arzoo 1950_916_09 Unhen hum to dil se bhulane lage_Lata.mp3

Listen to 1950_Babul 1950_1222_12 Panchhi Ban Mein_Lata.mp3

Listen to 1950_Babul 1950_1322_13 Husn Walon Ko_Talat.mp3

Listen to 1950_Babul 1950_1422_14 Na Socha Tha Yeh_Shamshad.mp3

Listen to 1950_Babul 1950_1722_17 Chhod Babul Ka Ghar_Shamshad chorus.mp3

Listen to 1950_Babul 1950_1822_18 Duniya Badal Gayi_Shamshad Talat.mp3

Listen to 1950_Babul 1950_1922_19 Dhadke Mera Dil_Shamshad chorus.mp3

Listen to 1950_Babul 1950_2022_20 Jadoo Bhare Nainon Mein_Shamshad.mp3

Listen to 1950_Babul 1950_2122_21 Kisi Ke Dil Mein_Shamshad Lata.mp3

Listen to 1950_Babul 1950__Chhod Babul Ka Ghar_Shamshad chorus.mp3

Listen to 1950_Babul 1950__Chhod babul ka ghar_Talat and Rafi.mp3

Listen to 1950_Babul 1950__Duniya badal gayi soundtrack_TALAT MAHMOOD SHAMSHAD BEGUM.mp3

Listen to 1950_Babul 1950__Mera jeevan saathi_TALAT MAHMOOD.mp3

Listen to 1950_Babul 1950__Milte Hi Aankhen_Shamshad Talat.mp3

Listen to 1950_Babul 1950__Milte hi ankhen soundtrack_TALAT MAHMOOD SHAMSHAD BEGUM.mp3

Listen to 1950_Babul 1950__Nadi kinare paas hamare soundtrack_TALAT MAHMOOD SHAMSHAD BEGUM MOHD RAFI.mp3

Listen to 1950_Babul 1950__Nadi kinare_Talat Rafi Shamshad.mp3

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