Quiz held at Portland September 2005
Many rare mainly male songs from 1931-40

The following songs were played at the recent meet at Portland, Oregon. The listeners were also supplied with a list of 22 male singers. So two songs each were in the voice of the same male singer. They were asked to match the singers with the songs. Many hints were given. One team had 6 errors and the second team had 4 errors. Try your skills! Answers will be provided eventually. The list of 22 singers follows. Focus on the main male voice and ignore all other voices.

For solution go here The solution

KL Saigal
Pahadi Sanyal, the Actor
Ashok Kumar, the Actor
Ahmed Dilawar
Bashir Qawwaal
Master Parshuram
Shrinath Tripathy, the MD
Balwant Singh
Mumtaz Ali, Mehmood's dad
Arun Kumar
Ramchandra Pal, the MD
Vishnupant Pagnis
Govindrao Tembe
Krishnchandra Dey, uncle of Manna Dey
Akbar Khan Peshawari
Surendra, BA LLB
Pankaj Mullick, the MD
Minu the Mystik
Eruch Tarapore
Pradeep, the Lyricist
Master Suresh, grew to be a film star

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